Money changing made easy... 
We are Authorised money changers, and offer the following services which are customised to suit the Forex requirements of the international Travellers. 
Key Benefits
Our Company provides the foreign exchange solutions for:

  • Individual Travellers
    • Foreign exchange for leisure outbound travellers
    • Foreign Exchange for migration, employment,
    • Encashment services for inbound tourists visiting India, Non Resident / Resident Indians.
  • Corporates
    • Travel money for business travellers.
    • On site support for inbound tour conferences.
    • Film production houses travelling for shoots abroad.
  • Institutions
    • Bulk purchases and sales of foreign currencies from Banks, Non Bank Retailers and Money Changers.

·One Stop Forex Shop
 - Foreign Currency / Travellers Cheques / Prepaid Cards / Money Transfers under One Roof
·Competitive Rates
·Personalized Service
We can provide all major currencies

* All transactions are undertaken as per RBI guidelines