Security Features: International Travel Cards are protected by 4 digits secured PIN (Personal Identification Number), which prevents anyone else from using the card, even if it is lost or stolen. Such PIN are provided to the card user in a sealed cover and not indicated in the card.

Important Features:
These cards can be used anywhere in the world other than India, Nepal and Bhutan.
These cards can be reloaded for more value within a short notice.
All cards are valid for 5 years, whereas AXIS Travel Currency   Cards are valid for 5 years.
Cards usage statement can be accessed through net for free of cost.
Balance amount in the card can be encashed on return or can be used for future travels.
If in case the card is lost, emergency replacement of card will be provided.

MMS Forex pvt ltd has tie-ups with AXIS bankĀ  and hdfc bank to distribute co-brand prepaid travel card. They are available in various major currencies like US Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar etc. the travel card is available in 9 currencies. It can be used in any country where visa has acceptance .anyone of the travel card can be taken to any country. There is no need to apply for the card in advance. It can be booked at the date of the flight also. It can be used in india for checking purpose only. In same currency: each individual can hold one card of one currency at a time. If you are travelling to more than one country on a single trip and you wish to carry more than one card on different currencies then bank can issue more than one card to you, albeit in different currencies within the overall RBI approval limits for the trip. Axis Bank Cards, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank (Travel Currency Cards) comes in 5 Currencies denominated in US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollar & Canadian Dollar.